Tennessee Children's Home

Tennessee Children’s Home has four campuses, all of them providing safe harbor, treatment and a Christian environment for displaced families and youth.

Our Mission

Tennessee Children’s Home is committed to improving the lives of those we influence through quality services in a Christian atmosphere.

Our Vision

Those served by Tennessee Children’s Home will learn to live healthy physical, mental, social, and Christian lives.

Upcoming Events

Nov 25th 2023 7am
Spring Hill Turkey Burn

Tennessee Children’s Home is having Spring Hill’s 6th Annual Turkey Burn, a 1K | 5K | Half Marathon event on November 25, 2023. We are very excited to fill a community need and fund-raise.

Come enjoy a beautiful run through the hilly back roads of Maury County and Spring Hill.

Oct 10th 2023 6pm
Tennessee Children's Home Benefit Dinner

Join us for an evening on the Spring Hill campus of Tennessee Children’s Home to learn information regarding the work as a whole, including guest speaker John DeBerry. We hope you’ll be able to join us for our first event of this nature on our new Spring Hill campus.

Sep 8th 2023 9:00 AM
Tennessee Children's Home Golf Classic

Join us for the 22nd Annual Tennessee Children’s Home Golf Classic at the beautiful Chickasaw Golf Course. Bring your foursome to Chickasaw golf club and attempt to win the Paul Norris Cup while raising much needed funds for at-risk youth in Tennessee.

Our Services

Residential Care
As the flagship program at Tennessee Children’s Home, our residential care encompasses almost all of the services we provide. We provide for physical, social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the children and youth in a safe and secure environment.
Unlike most similar organizations, Tennessee Children’s Home offers on-site instruction by certified teachers for our residential placements through the Cornerstone and New Heights Schools.
Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Tennessee Children’s Home serves youth and adolescents at Level I and at Level II through our substance abuse program. Level 1 is structured group living in the community for children and adolescents with relatively few emotional or behavioral problems
Professional counseling is a service that’s attendant to almost every service we provide. The changing face of the culture has created “latch-key” kids, and the incidence of neglect and abuse continues to rise across the country, as well as in Tennessee.
In-Home Care
As part of Tennessee Children’s Home’s commitment to the children and families we serve, TCH provides in-home services to children who have completed our residential care program. Providing emotional support for children returning home and their families is part our commitment to ensure successful results.
Spiritual Guidance
There are three roads a person can take; Wrong Way, Merge or One Way. Many young people in our care have taken the wrong way. Some have tried merging some good and bad choices. Tennessee Children’s Home helps get young people on the right path, the right road, the one way.