Residential Care

  • A child is abused or neglected in Tennessee every 57 minutes\[1]
  • Approximately 9,000 Tennessee children are in state custody\[2]
  • More than 16,500 Tennessee children are homeless \[3]
  • As the flagship program at Tennessee Children’s Home, our residential care encompasses almost all of the services we provide. We provide for physical, social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the children and youth in a safe and secure environment. Children may be placed in our care through the state or through personal placements. The children live in on-site homes in family situations with other children, and with house parents/residential counselors. These residential counselors are the primary care givers and are assisted by the case workers and other staff. The residential program at Tennessee Children’s Home is highly structured to help the children be successful, and includes:

    • Daily chores
    • On-site school (including Bible classes)
    • Tutoring services
    • Church attendance
    • Counseling services (for both children and families)
    • Substance abuse counseling

    On weekends, the parents may visit their children or children may go home; recreational activities are provided for those remaining on campus. In its entirety, our residential care program helps the children entrusted to us develop life skills, self-discipline and a greater understanding of their worth as children of God.

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    [2] Tennessee State Government, Department of Children’s Services, 2019
    [3] Homeless Child America