• Nearly two-thirds of children under age 6 have all parents in the labor force, leaving no parent to provide full-time home care \[1\]
  • Over 9,000 Tennessee children are victims of abuse and neglect\[2\]
  • Many seasons of life can be overwhelming, especially the adolescent years. Counseling can help clients navigate the storms and the stress of life. The Therapist’s at the Tennessee Children’s home offer family, individual and group counseling to all the residents and their families. Our services offer a safe space for families and adolescents to work on communication and relationship building.

    Our therapists employ many modalities when it comes to working with clients in therapy including: CBT, experiential, solution focused and EMDR. We believe it is never too late to build a stronger family. We love to walk alongside clients as they gain the insight to make small and large life adjustments. These insights lead to reduced stress and a better overall well-being.

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