• Almost 18,000 high school students in Tennessee drop out annually\\[1]
  • The percentage of fourth graders in Tennessee who can’t read or do math at grade level stands at 72 percent\\[2]
  • The percentage of eighth graders in Tennessee who can’t read at grade level stands at 72 percent; those who can’t do math at grade level, 75 percent\\[3]
  • The ratio of costs per prisoner to costs per public school pupil in Tennessee is 2.1 to 1\\[4]
  • Unlike most similar organizations, Tennessee Children’s Home offers on-site instruction by certified teachers for our residential placements through the Cornerstone School (Spring Hill), Duncan Academy (Knoxville), and New Heights Schools (Henderson). Experience has shown that teachers dedicated and focused on ensuring the children’s academic success are crucial in developing healthy self-esteem. Because of this, our educational services have become foundational in our programming.

    Our schools offer special education, as well as tutoring, and mitigate any truancy issues by being located on campus. We are committed to maintaining a student-teacher ratio of one teacher to every eight students. This specialized attention, coupled with on-site tutoring and accountability, has allowed children that are two and three years behind in school to regularly return to grade level work within just six months.

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