5th Sunday Appeal

July 29, 2018 all-day
fifth sunday  

Most of you are aware that Tennessee Children’s Home is one of the oldest church of Christ childcare agencies in the country and the largest east of the Mississippi.

  With the additional houses in East Tennessee and the expansion of the West Tennessee campus we will be serving at least 32 more young people statewide. This growth will increase our budgetary needs to house, staff, and educate these children by an additional $200,000 annually. With your help we can properly give these children a hopeful opportunity in life.               Our success not only includes the social and emotional changes which occur in the lives of these children, but more importantly their spiritual lives are changed as many have accepted Christ through baptism. Tennessee Children’s Home is worthy of your support as an evangelistic mission and a benevolent ministry.    

Please consider setting aside at least one fifth Sunday contribution if not all for Tennessee Children’s Home. If your congregation is already supporting us on fifth Sundays, please share our growth and need with your congregation so they may increase their gift for the children and youth in our care. There are several opportunities to do this beginning August 30th, November 29th, January 31st, and May 29th.

As always, we want to thank those of you who make regular monthly contributions to this ministry. Your partnership with us is greatly valued. If you would like to come for a personal visit to one of our campuses or if you would like a representative of Tennessee Children’s Home to visit your congregation, please let us know

We ask Churches and Individuals to keep us in mind for their 5th Sunday contribution.